Thursday, February 5, 2009

Greeting Cards

What else can you do on a cold day in South FL??? Craft right??? I love to sit down and make things when it's nice and quiet at my house(it reminds me of when I used to be little and had to do project assignments for school)...and of course when all the things are put together, organized, and clean... this is a good way to relax my self. So these handmade greeting cards are for any occasion. They're fun to make, especially the blue one. I made it out of paper napkins!! That's right p-a-p-e-r n-a-p-k-i-n-s. The pink one it's a ''purse'' card. I love the shape and the flower brad that is used close the card. The other one it's a Valentine's or Just because card. They're fun and colorful and I look forward to making more. Blank inside. Let's see how the other ones will come out... I never took any classes/courses for these kind of projects... I think I did pretty good !!

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  1. You, young lady, without any classes taken on this field...let me tell you; YOU'RE doing AMAZING !!! I did explore your site and everything looks GREAT.Looks like you do put a lot of heart on anything you do...Hmmm
    May God bless you with lots of strenght and, keeps you devoted to HIM as well.
    Beautiful WORK !!!